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- Via M. Luther King - 89025 Rosarno (RC) - Italy
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Paladino Area Ricambi

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Radiator for Bobcat

Radiator Ad code: DV757

Hydraulic pump for Bobcat

Hydraulic pump Ad code: EV758

Diesel tank for Bobcat

Diesel tank Ad code: FV759

Engine hood for Bobcat

Engine hood Ad code: GV760

Cab door for Bobcat

Cab door Ad code: HV761

Differential gear for Bobcat

Differential gear Ad code: IV762

Radiator for Yanmar

Radiator Ad code: CZ776

Oil seal for Bobcat

Oil seal Ad code: MV764

Engine turbine for Bobcat

Engine turbine Ad code: NV765

Starter motor for Bobcat

Starter motor Ad code: PV766

Internal combustion engine for Bobcat

Internal combustion engine Ad code: QZ767

Track pin for Bobcat

Track pin Ad code: RZ768

Hydraulic steering for Bobcat

Hydraulic steering Ad code: LV763

Bushing for Yanmar

Bushing Ad code: BA795

Glass for Bobcat

Glass Ad code: TZ770

Brake pump for Bobcat

Brake pump Ad code: UZ771

Water pump for Bobcat

Water pump Ad code: VZ772

Bushing for Bobcat

Bushing Ad code: ZZ773

Cylinder head for Bobcat

Cylinder head Ad code: AZ774

Valve for Bobcat

Valve Ad code: BZ775

Hydraulic distributor

Hydraulic distributor Ad code: SZ769

Oil seal for Yanmar

Oil seal Ad code: MZ784

Hydraulic pump for Yanmar

Hydraulic pump Ad code: DZ777

Diesel tank for Yanmar

Diesel tank Ad code: FZ779

Engine hood for Yanmar

Engine hood Ad code: GZ780

Cab door for Yanmar

Cab door Ad code: HZ781

Differential gear for Yanmar

Differential gear Ad code: IZ782

Hydraulic steering for Yanmar

Hydraulic steering Ad code: LZ783

Brake pump for Yanmar

Brake pump Ad code: VA792

Engine turbine for Yanmar

Engine turbine Ad code: NZ785

Starter motor for Yanmar

Starter motor Ad code: PZ786

Internal combustion engine for Yanmar

Internal combustion engine Ad code: QA787

Track pin for Yanmar

Track pin Ad code: SA789

Hydraulic distributor for Yanmar

Hydraulic distributor Ad code: TA790

Glass for Yanmar

Glass Ad code: UA791

Water pump for Yanmar

Water pump Ad code: AA794

Cylinder head for Yanmar

Cylinder head Ad code: CA796

Valve for Yanmar

Valve Ad code: DA797

  • Dealer: Paladino Area Ricambi

  • Logo Paladino Paladino Srl is the dealership of Caterpillar compact machines for the provinces of Reggio Calabria and Vibo Valentia. The company deals with sales, assistance, spare parts and is a mobile workshop, offering you a wide range of spare parts for multi-brand earthmoving machines and a complete assortment for hydraulics. The staff is organized to deal promptly with all your requests.
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    Via M. Luther King - 89025 Rosarno (RC) - Italy
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    Giuseppe Paladino
  • Languages spoken:
    Italian, English