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Brake pump for Case

Brake pump Ad code: VV752

Water pump for Case

Water pump Ad code: ZV753

Track pin for Case

Track pin Ad code: SV749

Bushing for Case

Bushing Ad code: AV754

Hydraulic distributor for Case

Hydraulic distributor Ad code: TV750

Cylinder head for Case

Cylinder head Ad code: BV755

Glass for Case

Glass Ad code: UV751

Internal combustion engine for Case

Internal combustion engine Ad code: QV747

Radiator for Hanomag

Radiator Ad code: MC044

Hydraulic pump for Hanomag

Hydraulic pump Ad code: NC045

Water pump for Hyundai

Water pump Ad code: GC040

Bushing for Hyundai

Bushing Ad code: HC041

Cylinder head for Hyundai

Cylinder head Ad code: IC042

Valve for Hyundai

Valve Ad code: LC043

Brake pump for Hyundai

Brake pump Ad code: FC039

Engine turbine for Case

Engine turbine Ad code: NU745

Starter motor for Case

Starter motor Ad code: PU746

Internal combustion engine for Hyundai

Internal combustion engine Ad code: BC035

Track pin for Hyundai

Track pin Ad code: CC036

Hydraulic distributor for Hyundai

Hydraulic distributor Ad code: DC037

Glass for Hyundai

Glass Ad code: EC038

Oil seal for Case

Oil seal Ad code: MU744

Diesel tank for Case

Diesel tank Ad code: FU739

Engine hood for Case

Engine hood Ad code: GU740

Cab door for Case

Cab door Ad code: HU741

Differential gear for Case

Differential gear Ad code: IU742

Hydraulic steering for Case

Hydraulic steering Ad code: LU743

Starter motor for Hyundai

Starter motor Ad code: AC034

Oil seal for Hyundai

Oil seal Ad code: VC032

Radiator for Case

Radiator Ad code: DU737

Hydraulic pump for Case

Hydraulic pump Ad code: EU738

Cylinder head for Hanomag

Cylinder head Ad code: BU735

Engine turbine for Hyundai

Engine turbine Ad code: ZC033

Hydraulic steering for Hyundai

Hydraulic steering Ad code: UC031


Valve Ad code: CU736

Brake pump for Hanomag

Brake pump Ad code: UU731

Water pump for Hanomag

Water pump Ad code: ZU733

Bushing for Hanomag

Bushing Ad code: AU734

Hydraulic distributor for Hanomag

Hydraulic distributor Ad code: SU729

Glass for Hanomag

Glass Ad code: TU730

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  • Logo Tecnoricambi For over 40 years, leader in the distribution of adaptable and original spare parts for earthmoving machines Tecnoricambi has over 15,000 original and adaptable spare parts ready for delivery: FIAT ALLIS, FIAT HITACHI, FIAT KOBELCO, NEW HOLLAND CASE, BOBCAT, DOOSAN, HITACHI, KOBELCO, KOMATSU, KUBOTA, YANMAR, HANOMAG and COMBI WEAR PARTS. Tecnoricambi is able to offer workshops, dealers, spare parts dealers and hirers of earthmoving machinery very competitive prices and extremely fast delivery times (24-48 hours).
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