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BNS Intercon

124 classified ads.

Arden Equipment Tieflöffel

Digging bucket Ad code: MP819 1,200

Berco Chain for Liebherr

Chain Ad code: BT075 7,900

Bobcat S100

Skid steer loader Ad code: EL755 17,900 Year: 2011

Bobcat S130

Skid steer loader Ad code: FL756 19,900 Year: 2011

Caterpillar 308E2 CR

Crawler excavator Ad code: GL757 32,900 Year: 2016

Caterpillar 320B

Crawler excavator Ad code: VN381 Year: 1999

Caterpillar 320BL

Crawler excavator Ad code: II936 Year: 1997

Caterpillar 320EL

Crawler excavator Ad code: NT085 42,900 Year: 2013

Caterpillar 320F

Crawler excavator Ad code: PG690 49,900 Year: 2018

Caterpillar 323EL VA

Crawler excavator Ad code: LL151 55,900 Year: 2014

Caterpillar 325CLN

Crawler excavator Ad code: CL753 Year: 2003

Caterpillar 924H

Wheel loader Ad code: LV123 31,900 Year: 2012

Caterpillar 938G

Wheel loader Ad code: IL759 Year: 1998

Caterpillar D30D

Articulated dumper Ad code: SU109 27,900 Year: 2000

Caterpillar D350C Dumper

Articulated dumper Ad code: FR460 21,900 Year: 1990

Caterpillar hydraulischer Grabenräumlöffel

Ditch cleaning bucket Ad code: QP822 7,900

Caterpillar M318D MH

Wheel excavator Ad code: LI937 Year: 2014

Caterpillar M325DL MH

Wheel excavator Ad code: MT088 69,900 Year: 2013

Caterpillar Reißzahn

Other Ad code: RP823 4,900

Caterpillar Tieflöffel

Digging bucket Ad code: NP820 2,500

Daf CF 85.410

Dump truck Ad code: CS056 29,900 Year: 2007

Fiat Ducato Doka Pritsche

Tipper truck up to 3.5T Ad code: VE645 Year: 2008

Fruehauf DFG33CZ

Tipper semi-trailer Ad code: CB182 3,500 Year: 2008

Förderband Conveyor belt

Conveyor belt Ad code: IS062 10,900

Grove RT630

Mobile crane Ad code: RA382 38,900 Year: 1981

Grove RT630

Mobile crane Ad code: QA381 38,900 Year: 1981

Hitachi ZW310

Wheel loader Ad code: LL760 Year: 2012

Hitachi ZX180LC-3

Crawler excavator Ad code: SP824 36,900 Year: 2013

Hitachi ZX350LC-3 UHD 22m Abbruchbagger

Crawler excavator Ad code: II339 Year: 2012

Hitachi ZX85 USB LCN-3

Crawler excavator Ad code: UA772 35,900 Year: 2012

Hyundai Robex 180LC-9A

Crawler excavator Ad code: RT088 49,900 Year: 2016

Hyundai Robex 235LCR-9

Crawler excavator Ad code: ST089 32,900 Year: 2012

Ingersoll Rand 450P Asphaltfertiger

Track asphalt paver Ad code: TU110 9,900 Year: 1994

Ingersoll Rand P130

Mobile air compressor Ad code: LZ962 4,100 Year: 1994

Irmer Elze S551-SL

Mobile air compressor Ad code: MZ963 3,100 Year: 1989


Wheel excavator Ad code: DE250 91,900 Year: 2016

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