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- Via Soastene, 44 - 36040 Brendola (VI) - Italy
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Midas MULO M8

Power barrow Ad code: AT380 1,990 Year: 2024

Midas M35

Hydraulic hammer Ad code: QF475 1,950 Year: 2024

Midas M45

Hydraulic hammer Ad code: PF474 2,100 Year: 2023

Midas M53

Hydraulic hammer Ad code: NF473 3,180 Year: 2023

Midas M68

Hydraulic hammer Ad code: VR808 4,320 Year: 2023

Midas M75

Hydraulic hammer Ad code: ZR809 5,280 Year: 2023

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  • Logo Midas MIDAS is a young Italian company, based abroad, specializing in the sale of road construction machinery, accessories for excavators, customized mechanical components, with the aim of providing products with a high quality-price ratio. MIDAS staff follows all aspects and phases of the sale, guaranteeing customers qualified, certified products delivered to their premises. The Service Center in Brendola (VI) is available to view and purchase the products, to collect the goods themselves, to supply spare parts, and to repair. In the road construction machinery sector, he is looking for companies and professionals with experience in the sector, immediate availability.
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    Via Soastene, 44 - 36040 Brendola (VI) - Italy
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    Alessandro Santolin
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    Italian, French, German, Spanish, English