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62 classified ads.

Bobcat E 16

Mini excavator Ad code: SM677 EUR 12,500 Year: 2011

Bomag BW 100AD

Tandem roller Ad code: AQ318 EUR 9,000 Year: 2000

Case CX 50B

Mini excavator Ad code: EE946 EUR 30,000 Year: 2007

Caterpillar CAT 308D

Crawler excavator Ad code: RS368 EUR 38,000 Year: 2010

Fiat Hitachi 150W.3

Wheel excavator Ad code: CA860 EUR 25,000 Year: 1997

Fiat Hitachi W 170

Wheel loader Ad code: EF365 EUR 26,000 Year: 1998

Fiat Hitachi W 270

Wheel loader Ad code: HF768 EUR 16,500 Year: 2000

Gimac SR14

Rear ripper Ad code: SU996

Hitachi ZX 160 LC-3

Crawler excavator Ad code: MM473 EUR 60,000 Year: 2009

Hitachi ZX 17U.2

Mini excavator Ad code: LN490 EUR 12,000 Year: 2007

Hitachi ZX 19U.6

Mini excavator Ad code: ZB702 Year: 2019

Hitachi ZX 280LCN-3

Crawler excavator Ad code: LZ443 EUR 55,000 Year: 2009

Hitachi ZX 350.3

Track shoe Ad code: BN661

Hitachi ZX350.3

Idler wheel Ad code: MI809

Hitachi ZX350.3

Slewing ring Ad code: FL824

Hitachi ZX350.3

Rotating joint Ad code: FQ904

Hitachi ZX350.3

Drive gearbox Ad code: HR926

JCB 8018

Mini excavator Ad code: ZH621 EUR 13,500 Year: 2014

Komatsu PC-16

Rubber tracks Ad code: PI811

Kubota U 17-3

Mini excavator Ad code: SE957 EUR 12,500 Year: 2011

New Holland E 135 B SR-2

Crawler excavator Ad code: AM662 EUR 52,500 Year: 2008

New Holland E 145

Crawler excavator Ad code: ZE957 EUR 38,500 Year: 2005

New Holland E 145

Crawler excavator Ad code: VE960 EUR 38,000 Year: 2007

New Holland E 215B

Crawler excavator Ad code: RF172 EUR 50,000 Year: 2009

New Holland E 245B

Crawler excavator Ad code: DQ924 EUR 50,000 Year: 2010

New Holland W 130B

Wheel loader Ad code: TA078 EUR 50,000 Year: 2009

New Holland W 170C

Wheel loader Ad code: BV624 EUR 60,000 Year: 2013

New Holland W 190B

Wheel loader Ad code: PS173 EUR 55,000 Year: 2010

New Holland W 270

Wheel loader Ad code: NF171 EUR 38,000 Year: 2005

New Holland W 270B

Wheel loader Ad code: ZT399 EUR 55,000 Year: 2009

New Holland W 270C

Wheel loader Ad code: MC711 EUR 90,000 Year: 2013

VTN Quick hitch

Quick hitch Ad code: FB596 Year: 2004

Yanmar SV 100

Crawler excavator Ad code: TE958 EUR 30,000 Year: 2006

Idler wheel for Fiat 70 / AD7

Idler wheel Ad code: AL138 Year: 1982

Set of buckets

Set of buckets Ad code: AE629 Year: 2003


Tank Ad code: QD423 Year: 2000

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