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- Via R.Sella, 17/19 - 48018 Faenza (RA) - Italy
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Ormic ERCO

Square baler Ad code: RF736 2,500 Year: 1990

Bomag A4VG71DA2DT2/32L-NZF13K071EH-S

Hydraulic pump Ad code: GI266

Bosch Rexroth A10VG45DA1D2/10R-NSC10F015SH

Hydraulic pump Ad code: UG237

Bosch Rexroth A11VO190LRS/11R

Hydraulic pump Ad code: MP190

Bosch Rexroth A2FO107/61L-VAB05

Pompa oleodinamica Ad code: TD249

Calzoni MR1100

Motore Oleodinamico Ad code: RD272

Danfoss 90R075FA6NN8DP7C6DB1GMA484830B018

Hydraulic pump Ad code: LG757

Danfoss 90R075FKPNN60S7C7EB6GME484830

Hydraulic pump Ad code: AD278

Danfoss 90R100KA5NN60R4C7E04FAL353520

Hydraulic pump Ad code: MH758

Danfoss SMF 21

Hydraulic engine Ad code: ER002

Danfoss SMF 22

Hydraulic engine Ad code: FR003

Danfoss SMF23

Hydraulic engine Ad code: GR004

Danfoss SPV22

Hydraulic pump Ad code: FN199

Danfoss SPV23

Hydraulic pump Ad code: GN200

Hägglunds CA 50 25 CA0N0C 02 00

Hydraulic engine Ad code: VF958

Kawasaki K3VL112

Hydraulic pump Ad code: CE223

Kolben Hydraulic swing motor for Ihimer 15 J

Hydraulic swing motor Ad code: AZ834

Komatsu PC45 R-8

Hydraulic pump Ad code: UA381

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  • Logo Kolben s.r.l. The Kolben Srl company of Faenza in the province of Ravenna specializes in the overhaul and maintenance of pumps, motors and hydraulic systems for the mobile and industrial sector. It also offers spare parts sales service, hydraulic components of brands such as Rexroth, Sauer Danfoss, Poclain Hydraulics, Linde.
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