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AVM Fillot
- 47, rue de l'industrie - 69530 Brignais - France

AVM Fillot

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Arden Equipment Orange peel grab

Orange peel grab Ad code: VM748

Arden Equipment Bucket with grapple

Bucket with grapple Ad code: VN768


Rigid backhoe loader Ad code: LC999 Year: 2000

Cougnaud 523

Container Ad code: GE636

Forez Cassone ribaltabile

Truck body Ad code: IG678

Forez Clamshell bucket

Clamshell bucket Ad code: PI722

Grillon Pianale

Flatbed trailer Ad code: RA564 Year: 1999

Hartl HBC 1250

Bucket crusher Ad code: BS851 Year: 2013

Hyundai R35Z-9

Mini excavator Ad code: IZ938 Year: 2016

Iveco 410

Dump truck Ad code: QD605 Year: 2007

Iveco 450 T

Dump truck Ad code: LD601 Year: 2017

Iveco AD 540 T

Dump truck Ad code: SA565 Year: 2015


Farm tractor Ad code: ZB969 Year: 2016

Moiroud Rimorchio agricolo

Farm trailer Ad code: TA566 Year: 1987


Hydraulic shear Ad code: NP801


Flatbed trailer Ad code: IT438 Year: 1971

Renault 320 DCI

Dump truck Ad code: ND603 Year: 2003

Renault 370 DCI

Tipper truck with crane Ad code: PD604 Year: 2005

Renault M 180

Dump truck Ad code: MD602 Year: 1996

Sima S40

Mixer bucket Ad code: FU895 Year: 2018

SREM Robuste

Flatbed semi-trailer Ad code: NN349 Year: 1976

Takeuchi TB53 FR

Mini excavator Ad code: MC001 Year: 2004

welsch Drop side trailer

Drop side trailer Ad code: FI076 Year: 1998

  • Dealer: AVM Fillot

  • Logo AVM FillotAVM Fillot is a French company based in Brignais near Lyon that markets work vehicles: skid steers, excavators, crushers, trucks, trailers and many other machines. The company makes deliveries of vehicles all over the world.
  • Address:
    47, rue de l'industrie - 69530 Brignais - France
  • Contact person:
    Charles Fillot
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