Wreko srl
- Via Rovigo, 21 - 35042 Este (PD) - Italy

Wreko srl

18 classified ads.

Wreko WTC600

Harvester Ref. WTC600 Year: 2022

Wreko WTS15

Log splitter Ref. WTS15 Year: 2022

Hultdins SG260

Log grapple Ref. SG260 Year: 2022

Hultdins SG260R

Log grapple Ref. SG260R Year: 2022

Hultdins SG260RS

Log grapple Ref. SG260 RS Year: 2022

Hultdins SG360 RS

Log grapple Ref. SG360RS Year: 2022

LaBounty MSD 1500R

Hydraulic shear Ad code: DP587 Year: 2022

LaBounty MSD1000R

Hydraulic shear Ad code: PR674 Year: 2022

OCM Hydraulic hammer

Hydraulic hammer Ad code: MH554 2,600 Year: 2022

Wreko LB 2500

Grader (only equipment) Ad code: TM322 2,000 Year: 2021

Wreko WMBE

Weed cutting bucket Ref. WMBE Year: 2022

Wreko WPG

Orange peel grab Ref. WPG Year: 2022

Wreko WRD30

Hydraulic shear Ref. WRD30 Year: 2022

Wreko WSE1000

Log grapple Ref. WSE1000 Year: 2023

Wreko WSE1000

Hydraulic shear Ref. WSE Year: 2022

Wreko WSGF 25

Selection grapple Ref. WSGF25 Year: 2022

Wreko WTC 400

Hydraulic shear Ref. WTC400 Year: 2022

Came CS70

Adattatore per escavatore Ad code: SS082 450 Year: 2020

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  • Logo Wreko srl The company Wreko Srl of the city of Este, in the province of Padua (Italy), deals with the design and construction of hydraulic and mechanical equipment for earth-moving and industrial vehicles. It also carries out trade activities of used equipment of all brands, overhauled and / or reconditioned in its specialized workshop, original and non-original spare parts, and anti-wear components.
  • Address:
    Via Rovigo, 21 - 35042 Este (PD) - Italy
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  • Contact person:
    Piero Pomaro
  • Languages spoken:
    Italian, English
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