- Via Stazione, 32 A/2 - 15010 Terzo (AL) - Italy


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Kubota U10-3

Mini excavator Ref. MIN999 13,000 Year: 2009

Pramac E4000

Power generator Ref. MVA605 770 Year: 2022

HPV Vistarini HBS-9

Hydraulic hammer Ref. MAR217 1,800 Year: 2011

KLAC WoodK mod. C

Log grapple Ref. MVA626 2,100 Year: 2023

Norton Clipper CT 901 P

Grader (only equipment) Ref. MVA654 2,800 Year: 2023

Socomec DMS165

Hydraulic hammer Ad code: PM223

Socomec DMS210

Hydraulic hammer Ad code: QM224

Socomec DMS300

Hydraulic hammer Ad code: RM225

Socomec DMS400

Hydraulic hammer Ad code: SM226

Socomec DMS530

Hydraulic hammer Ad code: UM228

Socomec DMS95/2

Hydraulic hammer Ad code: NM222

  • Dealer: MESI Srl

  • Logo MESI The company MESI s.r.l.di Terzo (AL) is the concession holder Kubota and Eurocomach. It operates in the sale of new and used machines, the rental and after-sales (spare parts and assistance) of earth-moving, construction, road and industrial machines.
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    Via Stazione, 32 A/2 - 15010 Terzo (AL) - Italy
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    Sig. Maurizio Ivaldi
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    Italian, English
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