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- Via Emilia Levante, 1754 - 40024 Castel San Pietro Terme (BO) - Italy
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26 classified ads.

Liugong 848H

Wheel loader Ad code: LM240 Year: 2024

Liugong 856 H

Wheel loader Ad code: SF686 Year: 2024

Liugong 877h

Wheel loader Ad code: IM239 Year: 2024

Liugong 9018 F

Mini excavator Ad code: GV133 Year: 2024

Liugong 9018F cabinato

Mini excavator Ad code: PV383 Year: 2024

Liugong 9027 F ZTS

Mini excavator Ad code: IV135 Year: 2024

Liugong 9027F zts

Mini excavator Ad code: NN242 Year: 2024

Liugong 9035 E

Mini excavator Ad code: MV137 Year: 2024

Liugong 909E CR

Crawler excavator Ad code: BZ148 Year: 2024

Liugong 915F CR

Crawler excavator Ad code: MZ157 Year: 2024

Liugong 926F

Crawler excavator Ad code: RZ161 Year: 2024

Liugong 939F

Crawler excavator Ad code: MN241 Year: 2024

Sany sy155w

Wheel excavator Ad code: GZ544 90,000 Year: 2021

Schmidt CLEAGO SM4200

Streetsweeper Ad code: RT355 9,800 Year: 1992

Cangini 18/25

Set of buckets Ad code: SD235 2,400 Year: 2021

Cangini 25/40

Set of buckets Ad code: TD236 2,800 Year: 2021

Cangini 35/50

Set of buckets Ad code: UD237 4,400 Year: 2021

Cangini 6/18

Set of buckets Ad code: RD234 1,700 Year: 2021

Meccanica Breganzese MB

Selection grapple Ad code: GU377 Year: 2024

Simex VSE

Screening bucket Ad code: HU378 Year: 2024

Simex Cold planner (Attachment)

Cold planner (Attachment) Ad code: AU371 Year: 2024

Simex Wheel trencher

Wheel trencher Ad code: BU372 Year: 2024

Other undercarriage part

Other undercarriage part Ad code: ZU370 Year: 2024

Iron tracks

Iron tracks Ad code: UU368 Year: 2024

Rubber tracks

Rubber tracks Ad code: VU369 Year: 2024

  • Dealer: Movinvest Srl

  • Logo Movinvest The Movinvest srl company of Castel San Pietro Terme in the province of Bologna deals with assistance and sale of earthmoving, road and industrial machinery. It is the official Merlo dealer for the cities of Bologna, Forlì-Cesena, Ravenna and Rimini and direct importer LiuGong.
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    Via Emilia Levante, 1754 - 40024 Castel San Pietro Terme (BO) - Italy
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  • Languages spoken:
    Italian, English