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- Via Nazionale, 32 - 24020 Schilpario (BG) - Italy
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949 classified ads.

Astra ADT 30

Articulated dumper Ad code: MG767 Year: 2001

BCS Volcan 85

Garden tractor Ad code: NG768 Year: 2006

Caterpillar 740 B

Truck body Ad code: RV860 Year: 2012

Caterpillar GSM22-H-5-500

Orange peel grab Ad code: NZ692 Year: 2016

Eurobenne 18/27 ton.

Rock bucket Ref. 518

Fiat Hitachi 500

Digging bucket Ad code: EC077 Year: 2000

Liebherr 632

Digging bucket Ad code: NZ218

Liebherr Dozer blade

Dozer blade Ad code: QM327 Year: 1998

New Holland 1.2

Loader bucket Ref. 700

New Holland 110/130

Loader bucket Ref. 703

New Holland 35/40 ton

Digging bucket Ad code: DE524 Year: 2011

New Holland 8/10 ton

Loader bucket Ref. 701

New Holland Terna

Loader bucket Ref. 702

S.C.I.M. 1300

Skeleton bucket Ad code: MI893

Digging bucket

Digging bucket Ad code: PI895

Case 1088

Track motor Ad code: FG766

Case 1088

Proportional valve Ad code: QG774

Case 1088

Proportional valve Ad code: RG775

Case 1088

Swing motor Ad code: DG764

Case 1088

Lifting piston Ad code: IG769

Caterpillar 315 C

Traction motor Ad code: HB616 Year: 2006

Caterpillar 320

Rod Ad code: RE530

Caterpillar 320 B

Arm cylinder Ad code: UH985

Caterpillar 320 B

Traction drive Ad code: PG960

Caterpillar 320 B

Idler wheel Ad code: MG958

Caterpillar 320 B

Track motor Ad code: QT761

Caterpillar 320 B

Hydraulic distributor Ad code: IL017

Caterpillar 320 B

Engine injection pump Ad code: ZM056

Caterpillar 320 B

Swing motor Ad code: VI007

Caterpillar 320 N

Swing drive Ad code: VD514

Caterpillar 320 N

Cab Ad code: RU790

Caterpillar 320 N

Traction drive Ad code: BF537

Caterpillar 320 N

Track motor Ad code: NV807

Caterpillar 325 B

Wiring Ad code: HC883

Caterpillar 325 B

Cab part Ad code: HB853

Caterpillar 325 B

Air compressor Ad code: LG957

Caterpillar 345 B

Traction motor Ad code: IP007 Year: 2006

Caterpillar M 312

Electrovalve Ad code: LE320

Caterpillar M 312

Hydraulic distributor Ad code: FF336

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  • Logo PRV Ricambi PRV Ricambi Srl is a trading company located in Schilpario (Bergamo - Italy), and it is mainly focused on the business of used spare parts.
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    Via Nazionale, 32 - 24020 Schilpario (BG) - Italy
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