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- Via Trionfale, 12526 - 00135 Roma (RM) - Italy
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Omeco Spa

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ACB Morin PMM07002AX

Rib positioning clamps Ad code: GN188 4,500 Year: 2007


Preparatrice di terreno per la semina Ad code: QE842 14,500 Year: 2018

Alfa A662

Tower crane Ad code: GM764 18,000 Year: 2006

Ammann AV20

Tandem roller Ad code: IE646 Year: 2006

Amog 650K

Wheel loader Ad code: UA171 5,000 Year: 1901


Tubi per irrigazione Ad code: FL936 2,500 Year: 2000

Antonelli VFA44

Wheel asphalt paver Ad code: UU712 5,800 Year: 1990

Astra ADT30

Articulated dumper Ad code: PR450 45,000 Year: 2003

Astra HD7-C84.40

Concrete mixer truck Ad code: QV138 46,000 Year: 2001

Atlas 1804LC-V

Crawler excavator Ad code: SS266 29,000 Year: 1999

Atlas Copco DP1600

Sprayer Ad code: IZ352 16,000 Year: 2006

Atlas Copco KRP102U

Hydraulic hammer Ad code: SS463 2,100 Year: 2012

Atlas Copco MB1500-DUST

Hydraulic hammer Ad code: ZE434 13,000 Year: 2013

Atlas Copco MB1700

Hydraulic hammer Ad code: PV130 15,000 Year: 2005

Atlas Copco ROC810H

Horizontal directional drill Ad code: LE647 24,000 Year: 1985

Atlas Copco SB102

Hydraulic hammer Ad code: RU709 2,900 Year: 2010

Atlas Copco SBC650

Hydraulic hammer Ad code: HH502 3,600 Year: 2001

Atlas Copco XAHS186

Mobile air compressor Ad code: MM768 17,000 Year: 1986

Atlas Copco XAS55DD

Mobile air compressor Ad code: EQ412 4,500 Year: 1991

Bernardi CEM1500

Asphalt plant Ad code: SH119 100,000 Year: 1992

Berti ECF-MD-SB140

Brush cutter Ad code: QU717 8,500 Year: 2004

Berti ECF-SB120

Brush cutter Ad code: IS261 8,500 Year: 1998

Berti GKR-SB80

Brush cutter Ad code: FP996 Year: 2022

Berti GREEN-SB60

Brush cutter Ad code: ND026 3,650 Year: 2022

Berti PARK-SB110

Brush cutter Ad code: EZ343 7,990 Year: 2022

Berti TBM-SB140

Brush cutter Ad code: FZ344 16,700 Year: 2022

Bitelli BB130

Wheel asphalt paver Ad code: RR243

Bitelli BB621C

Track asphalt paver Ad code: DT682 22,000 Year: 1992

Bitelli BB670

Wheel asphalt paver Ad code: LZ348 33,000 Year: 2007

Bitelli CONDOR-TV65

Tandem roller Ad code: TL145 9,000 Year: 1987

Bitelli DTV40S

Tandem roller Ad code: NS459 9,000 Year: 1995

Blaw Knox BK150

Track asphalt paver Ad code: CM151 9,900

Bobcat 322G

Mini excavator Ad code: NH506 12,500 Year: 2004

Bobcat 323J

Mini excavator Ad code: FU698 12,500 Year: 2005

Bobcat 341

Mini excavator Ad code: PT681 18,500 Year: 2006

Bobcat 40PSL

Cold planner (Attachment) Ad code: SN584 18,000 Year: 2019

Bobcat 435

Mini excavator Ad code: AU702 23,000 Year: 2008

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Mini excavator Ad code: AL334 22,000 Year: 2006

Bobcat 435HAG

Mini excavator Ad code: FC997 6,000 Year: 2005

Bobcat 553

Skid steer loader Ad code: ME648 8,500 Year: 1907

  • Dealer: Omeco Spa

  • Logo OmecoOmeco spa is a trading company, from Rome (Italy), specialized in the business of used earth moving machines.
  • Address:
    Via Trionfale, 12526 - 00135 Roma (RM) - Italy
  • Vat Number:
  • Telephone:
  • Contact person:
    Paolo Napoleoni
  • Languages spoken:
    Italian, English, French, Spanish, Polish
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