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Omeco Spa
- Via Trionfale, 12526 - 00135 Roma (RM) - Italy
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Omeco Spa

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Tipper semi-trailer Ad code: SM378 Year: 1901

Alfa A546

Tower crane Ad code: RH126 Year: 2004

Amazone ZA-M1501

Seed drill Ad code: CZ177 6,000 Year: 2012

Ammann AFW270

Cold planner (Attachment) Ad code: CM198 Year: 2018

Ammann AV75N

Tandem roller Ad code: TT495 Year: 2005

Atlas Copco 353ES

Vertical directional drill Ad code: CD655 Year: 1997

Atlas Copco HB5800

Hydraulic hammer Ad code: UZ172 Year: 1901

Atlas Copco MB1700

Hydraulic hammer Ad code: CG313 Year: 2005

Atlas Copco SBC650

Hydraulic hammer Ad code: VG703 3,900 Year: 2001

Atlas Copco XAS30DD

Mobile air compressor Ad code: QV341 3,700 Year: 1987

Atlas Copco XAS47

Mobile air compressor Ad code: TC430 Year: 2004

Ausa M250

Rigid dumper Ad code: CZ577 17,500 Year: 2005


Orchard tractor Ad code: LB425 16,500 Year: 2013

Benati 3-22

Crawler excavator Ad code: LU524 11,000 Year: 1994

Benati 3.16R

Wheel excavator Ad code: HU522 Year: 1994

Bendini 25

Mobile crane Ad code: RS493 Year: 1901

Bendini 25 BETA

Mobile crane Ad code: FE051 Year: 1989

Berti ECF-MD-SB140

Brush cutter Ad code: QU717 8,500 Year: 2004

Berti KX-SSL170

Brush cutter Ad code: FT122 16,500 Year: 2023

Bertoja 12-50

Flatbed semi-trailer Ad code: UT902 Year: 1986

Bitelli 50

Wheel asphalt paver Ad code: DN818 15,000 Year: 1994

Bitelli TALPA-SF60

Cold planner (Attachment) Ad code: FM402 19,000 Year: 2001

Blaw Knox BK171

Track asphalt paver Ad code: TG305 24,000 Year: 1980

Bobcat 337

Mini excavator Ad code: IS286 20,000 Year: 2000

Bobcat 773H

Skid steer loader Ad code: VN811 14,500 Year: 2001

Bobcat 84

Snow blade Ad code: ZD053 2,750 Year: 1901

Bobcat 864H

Compact track loader Ad code: TD649 19,000 Year: 2000

Bobcat 873H

Skid steer loader Ad code: ER053 18,000 Year: 2001

Bobcat 873H

Skid steer loader Ad code: MN616 19,000 Year: 2001

Bobcat 963

Skid steer loader Ad code: UI923 20,000 Year: 2001

Bobcat E17

Mini excavator Ad code: QI543 17,800 Year: 2020

Bobcat E35

Mini excavator Ad code: SE073 33,000 Year: 2018

Bobcat E55

Mini excavator Ad code: ZZ174 39,000 Year: 2018


Grader attachment Ad code: CT907 9,500 Year: 2010

Bobcat T300

Compact track loader Ad code: RN620 31,000 Year: 2008

Bomag BP23-48D

Vibratory plate compactor Ad code: VD255 1,800 Year: 2005

Bomag BW120-AD4

Tandem roller Ad code: LE055 16,000 Year: 2005

Bomag BW154AD-4

Tandem roller Ad code: PL588 22,000 Year: 2007

Bomag BW20R

Pneumatic roller Ad code: VF068 16,000 Year: 1986

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  • Logo OmecoOmeco spa is a trading company, from Rome (Italy), specialized in the business of used earth moving machines.
  • Address:
    Via Trionfale, 12526 - 00135 Roma (RM) - Italy
  • Vat Number:
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  • Contact person:
    Paolo Napoleoni
  • Languages spoken:
    Italian, English, French, Spanish, Polish
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