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- Via Trionfale, 12526 - 00135 Roma (RM) | VAT 00955631007 | Tel. (+39) 06.30310820 - Fax (+39) 06.30311220 | Email: paolo@omeco.it
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Omeco Spa

577 classified ads.

Agriforest RM1800HD

Log grapple Ad code: QT389 Year: 2018


Mobile crusher Ad code: ZA075 Year: 2016


Mobile crusher Ad code: AB076 Year: 2017


Mobile crusher Ad code: BB077 Year: 2015

Alfa A26S

Tower crane Ad code: HT982 EUR 13,000 Year: 2006


Compressor Ad code: TU012 Year: 2011

Ammann ASC 110

Single drum roller Ad code: UB294 Year: 2016

Ammann AV12-2

Tandem roller Ad code: ZE155 EUR 12,000 Year: 2010

Ammann AV26

Tandem roller Ad code: AF156 Year: 2000

Antec US1000

Asphalt Paver Machine Ad code: BF157 EUR 2,500 Year: 2006

Astra ADT40

Articulated dumper Ad code: NA067 EUR 80,000 Year: 2007

Astra HDB 84-45

Tipper truck Ad code: UF175 Year: 2006

Atlas 1340

Wheel excavator Ad code: NC107 Year: 1990

Atlas Copco GA132VSD

Compressor Ad code: VU014 EUR 11,500 Year: 2006

Atlas Copco GA37FF

Compressor Ad code: ZU015 EUR 5,000 Year: 2000

Atlas Copco HB4700 dust

Hydraulic hammer Ad code: CI218 EUR 31,000 Year: 2014

Atlas Copco XA60DD

Compressor Ad code: BV017 Year: 1990

Atlas Copco XAS46DD

Compressor Ad code: DV019 Year: 1998

Atlas Copco ZR2

Compressor Ad code: EV020 Year: 1985

Ausa CE11

Diesel forklift truck Ad code: NS966 EUR 7,500 Year: 2002


Asphalt cutter Ad code: CF158 Year: 2000


Asphalt cutter Ad code: DF159 Year: 1984

Baioni Crushing plant

Mobile crusher Ad code: GI823 EUR 60,000 Year: 1990


Articulated dumper Ad code: PA068 EUR 15,000 Year: 2006

Berti AF-SSL180

Brush cutter Ad code: ST391 EUR 7,900 Year: 2016

Berti AF/L160

Brush cutter Ad code: TT392 EUR 3,800 Year: 2018

Berti CKT-SB100

Brush cutter Ad code: UT393 EUR 4,200 Year: 2018

Berti ECF-SB140

Brush cutter Ad code: NC507 EUR 14,600 Year: 2018

Berti GKR-SB80

Brush cutter Ad code: VT394 Year: 2018

Berti MINI SB50

Brush cutter Ad code: ZT395 EUR 2,930 Year: 2017

Berti Mini SSL 115

Brush cutter Ad code: VN694 EUR 4,200 Year: 2018

Berti MX-SSL180

Brush cutter Ad code: PC508 EUR 19,000 Year: 2018

Berti NKR-SB080

Brush cutter Ad code: AU396 Year: 2018

Berti PARK-SB90

Brush cutter Ad code: BU397 EUR 4,500 Year: 2017

Berti TA-K115

Brush cutter Ad code: CU398 EUR 4,260 Year: 2017

Berti TBM-SB140

Brush cutter Ad code: QC509 EUR 13,000 Year: 2018

Bitelli BB640

Wheel asphalt paver Ad code: EF160 Year: 1999

Bitelli BB760

Wheel asphalt paver Ad code: VZ854 Year: 2005

Bitelli Volpe SF100T4

Cold planner (Attachment) Ad code: FF161 Year: 1996

Bobcat 543

Skid steer loader Ad code: ML246 EUR 7,500 Year: 1989

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  • Logo OmecoOmeco spa is a trading company, from Rome (Italy), specialized in the business of used earth moving machines.
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    Via Trionfale, 12526 - 00135 Roma (RM) - Italy
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