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Omeco Spa

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Tandem roller Ad code: IR356 EUR 5,000 Year: 1972

Agriforest RM1800HD

Log grapple Ad code: QT389 Year: 2018

Alfa A32S

Tower crane Ad code: HI233 Year: 2004

Alfa A35

Tower crane Ad code: US178 EUR 22,000 Year: 2004

Alfa A558

Tower crane Ad code: IB295 EUR 16,000 Year: 2007

Ammann AV12

Tandem roller Ad code: BV425 EUR 7,500 Year: 1998

Ammann PW1500

Wheel asphalt paver Ad code: HZ652 EUR 17,000 Year: 2006

Astra HD7-6442

Tipper truck Ad code: ZC519 EUR 23,000 Year: 2001

Atlas Copco GA11VSD

Compressor Ad code: MB295 EUR 7,900 Year: 2013

Atlas Copco GA132-FF

Compressor Ad code: IC912 Year: 2005

Atlas Copco GA132-PLUS

Compressor Ad code: RR559 EUR 18,000 Year: 2014

Atlas Copco GA37FF

Compressor Ad code: ZU015 EUR 5,000 Year: 2000

Atlas Copco GA37VSD

Compressor Ad code: PA677 Year: 2012

Atlas Copco GA45

Compressor Ad code: AM865 EUR 3,500 Year: 1994

Atlas Copco GA45plus

Compressor Ad code: LC913 Year: 2008

Atlas Copco GA50VSD-FF

Compressor Ad code: CA866 Year: 1999

Atlas Copco GA55VSD-FF

Compressor Ad code: MC914 Year: 2007

Atlas Copco HB3000

Hydraulic hammer Ad code: TR754 Year: 2001

Atlas Copco MB1700 DUST

Hydraulic hammer Ad code: EV428 Year: 2007

Atlas Copco QIS220

Power generator Ad code: SA676 EUR 18,000 Year: 2018

Atlas Copco QIS90

Power generator Ad code: NQ932 EUR 11,000 Year: 2018

Atlas Copco SB300S

Hydraulic hammer Ad code: SG595 EUR 3,300 Year: 2009

Atlas Copco SBC650

Hydraulic hammer Ad code: PP917 EUR 5,500 Year: 2003

Atlas Copco XA60DD

Compressor Ad code: RM873 EUR 4,000 Year: 1990

Atlas Copco XAS32

Compressor Ad code: QA678 EUR 1,900 Year: 1996

Atlas Copco XAS96DD

Compressor Ad code: CR346 Year: 2000

Atlas Copco XAS96DD

Compressor Ad code: MS374 Year: 1999

Baioni BELT

Tracked conveyor Ad code: GI823 EUR 9,000 Year: 1990


Snow blade Ad code: NA469 EUR 3,300 Year: 2011

Bell B30D

Articulated dumper Ad code: SM681 Year: 2007

Benati 5.25

Wheel loader Ad code: AS167 EUR 10,000 Year: 1993

Bendini 23 DELTA

Mobile crane Ad code: BR345 EUR 23,000 Year: 1986

Benedini B28

Tower crane Ad code: SR162 EUR 19,000 Year: 1999

Benedini B36FT

Tower crane Ad code: DP311 EUR 25,000 Year: 2010

Benfra 1.35B

Articulated backhoe loader Ad code: SB503 Year: 1990

Berti AF-SSL180

Brush cutter Ad code: ST391 EUR 6,500 Year: 2016

Berti AF/L160

Brush cutter Ad code: TT392 EUR 3,800 Year: 2018

Berti CKT-SB100

Brush cutter Ad code: UT393 EUR 3,500 Year: 2018

Berti ECF-SB140

Brush cutter Ad code: NC507 EUR 14,600 Year: 2018

Berti GKR-SB80

Brush cutter Ad code: NI030 EUR 3,900 Year: 2019

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  • Logo OmecoOmeco spa is a trading company, from Rome (Italy), specialized in the business of used earth moving machines.
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    Via Trionfale, 12526 - 00135 Roma (RM) - Italy
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    (+39) 06.30311220
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