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78 classified ads.

Castera lowloader 2 axles - full steel

Flatbed semi-trailer Ad code: IT511 6,500 Year: 1978

Chereau Refrigerated semi-trailer

Refrigerated semi-trailer Ad code: AU523 6,900 Year: 1996

Daf 2500

Bituminous emulsion sprayer Ad code: PU535 9,900 Year: 1998

Daf XF 530 SSC -

Tractor unit Ad code: RC227 Year: 2019

Desot plateau ridelles

Flatbed trailer Ad code: RS497 7,500 Year: 2008

Desot rail sides

Curtainsider / tarpaulin trailer Ad code: ST498 6,900 Year: 2004

Diversen 7M3

Concrete mixer truck Ad code: AT306


Tank semi-trailer Ad code: VU521 6,500 Year: 1990

Fruehauf box

Closed box trailer Ad code: TT499 4,750 Year: 1999

Fruehauf Drum brakes

Flatbed semi-trailer Ad code: RE066 4,500 Year: 1991

Fruehauf platform - drum brakes/freins tambour

Flatbed semi-trailer Ad code: GV549 Year: 1986

General Trailer Box

Closed box semi-trailer Ad code: ET507 3,950 Year: 2003

General Trailer dolly trailer

Closed box trailer Ad code: IU531 6,000 Year: 2001

General Trailer tipper aluminium 50M3

Tipper semi-trailer Ad code: TV539 5,000 Year: 2002

Kaiser Lowbed Steel suspension

Flatbed semi-trailer Ad code: UP430 Year: 1989

Kaiser lowloader 2 axles

Flatbed semi-trailer Ad code: RU537 6,900 Year: 1973

Kalmar TS122

Electric tractor / Transporter Ad code: NT514 Year: 2007

Lag container 2x20" - 1x40"

Container chassis semi-trailer Ad code: BU524 Year: 1999

Lag Isolated box - steering axle

Closed box semi-trailer Ad code: MU533 3,900 Year: 2009

Lamberet Thermo-King SlX 200

Refrigerated semi-trailer Ad code: UB214 Year: 2012

Lecitrailer 2 axles - door sides

Closed box trailer Ad code: UT500 6,000 Year: 2010

Man 26.364 F2000 - platform

Flatbed truck Ad code: VS481 11,900 Year: 2000

Man TGA 33.480

Dropside truck with crane Ad code: IS702 22,500 Year: 2005

Man TGS 32.360 8X4

Concrete mixer truck Ad code: AS483 Year: 2010

Man TGX 18.480

Tractor unit Ad code: SL770 Year: 2017

Menci steel tipper

Tipper semi-trailer Ad code: TS479 Year: 2014

Mercedes-Benz 306 D

Flatbed truck Ad code: VV541 Year: 1977

Mercedes-Benz Actros 2050 4x4 - V8

Tractor unit Ad code: TB607 Year: 2004

Mercedes-Benz Actros 2540

Hook lifts truck Ad code: ZU534 Year: 2002

Mercedes-Benz SK 1929

Dropside truck with crane Ad code: GH142 Year: 1989