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Used Mini Excavators
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Nowadays there are 359 advertisements of used mini excavators.
Latest Adverts of Mini excavators:
Year: 2007
City: Rome
Euro 19,000
Year: 1999
City: Salerno
Euro 5,500
Year: 2005
City: Palermo
Euro -----
Year: 2000
City: Rimini
Euro 14,000
Year: 2007
City: Salerno
Euro 15,500
Year: 2002
City: Ancona
Euro -----
Year: 1998
City: Cuneo
Euro -----
Year: 2009
City: Forlì
Euro -----
Year: 2006
City: Ravenna
Euro -----
Year: 2007
City: Ravenna
Euro -----
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1.2 T (12) 1.6 T (72) 2 T (31) 2.5 T (18) 3 T (40) 3.5 T (35) 4 T (20) 5 T (77) 6 T (24) 7.5 T (24) Over 8 T (254)
Compact excavators are very efficient and versatile and their reduced dimensions allow them to be used in tight spaces. They are commonly used in gardening, trenching, backfilling, levelling and grading of small surfaces or in densely populated areas.Their weight ranges from 0.8T to 7.5T, as heavier machines are considered excavators. The tracks mounted on the undercarriage can be made of rubber or steel, being the former preferred when the surfaces can be damaged.
Some machines can extend and retract the tracks (overall those weighing between 0.8T to 1.8T)
Compact excavators are equipped with a blade so as to be able to perform general dozer work. Depending on its position, the blade can help to increase dump height and excavation depth.
Nowadays we can distinguish two different kinds of compact excavators, conventional and zero-tail swing, the difference being that the diameter of the latter units stays within the width of the tracks through full rotation, while the rear counterweight in conventional tail swing excavators extends beyond the tracks when it rotates.The first zero-tail swing excavators where produced by the Japanese company Takeuchi during the early 70’s.
The most important brands of used mini excavators in Europe are: Caterpillar, Komatsu, New Holland, JCB, Bobcat, Case, Hitachi, Volvo, Yanmar, Ihimer, Takeuchi and Kubota.
Used Mini Excavators - Most popular models on MMT:
Bobcat: 316  320  322  328  331  341  430  Case: CX22  CX27  CX30  CX39  CX50  Caterpillar: 301.6  301.8  302.5  303  304  305  307  308  Hitachi: ZX50  EX30  JCB: 8016  8017  8035  8045  8060  8080  Komatsu: PC14  PC15  PC16  PC20  PC27  PC30  PC35  PC45  PC50  PC75  Kubota: KX121  U25  U30  U35  U50  New Holland: E30  E50  Volvo: EC15  EC45  Yanmar: B15  Vio17  Vio30  Vio35  Vio40  Vio55  Vio57  Vio70  Vio75 
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